Spring Sectional

The Spring sectional will be in two parts this year. First, Unit 487 will be sponsoring a Sectional Tournament at Clubs (STaC) on Thursday, 7 June and Friday, 8 June. (Both the Ace and the Portland Bridge Club are participating; other clubs outside the unit may join in as well.) Second, there will be a sectional over the weekend at Montgomery Park.

Flyer: http://web2.acbl.org/Tournaments/Ads/2018/06/1806047.pdf

Information/Results: http://tournaments.acbl.org/schedule.php?sanction=1806047

Election Party: 25 March 2018 at PBC, Lloyd Center

Flyer for the Party: 2018_election_party

See the February Our Bridge to You (obty_1802) for candidate profiles.

RESULTS: Portland Winter Sectional

Results from the January 27, 28 Sectional: http://live.acbl.org/events/1801053

January Winter Sectional

Winter Sectional at Montgomery Park: http://tournaments.acbl.org/schedule.php?tourid=35554

RESULTS: Portland Spring Sectional

Thank you to all of the players who joined us for the Spring Sectional at Montgomery Park! The results of all of the events can be found here: http://live.acbl.org/events/S1706097. A list of all of the Masterpoint Winners is here: http://web2.acbl.org/tournaments/results/2017/06/1706097.htm#1. A hearty congratulations to Jon Bartlett, who won all five(!) open events, with three different partners!



Portland Spring Sectional

Our Spring Sectional will be held June 9, 10, and 11 at the Montgomery Park venue in NW Portland. Flyer is available here: 1706097


2017 Election Party

Thank you to new board members Kristin Steinmetz and George O’Leary! And continuing thanks to our outgoing members: Amy Casanova, Ginny Kopacz, and Judy Kay.

Results from the Election Party events are on the Ace of Clubs website: